St. Raphaela’s has a very strong tradition of choral singing. From 1st to 5th Year, all students have a timetabled choir class once a week, and perform every year in the Department of Education Choir Exams.

We also have a very accomplished and highly successful School Choir. This is open to students from 2nd to 6th Year and membership is by audition. As well as singing for many and various school events, the School Choir gives regular concert performances and recitals, and participates in festivals and competitions.

National Chamber Choir

St. Raphaela’s s has a strong connection with the National Chamber Choir and, on several occasions our Leaving Certificate music students have worked closely with this professional group on composition projects. The Chamber Choir in Dublin Castle performed the work of some of our students.

While there is a very strong emphasis on singing in the school (this being the activity most accessible to all students), we actively encourage instrumental playing as well. As one of their Music Modules, all Transition Year students learn to play guitar, and we offer piano lessons through the school. The number of other instrumentalists in the school varies from year to year, but whenever possible, we offer School Orchestra or School Ensemble.

This year the school choir competed in the Young Prague Competition. The school travelled to The Czech Republic during the Easter Holidays to join choirs and musicians from all round the world in this renowned festival. This year, we achieved ‘Silver Standard’, and were the highest placed choir in their category.