Cross Country


This is Lily-May Craig in 1st year winning the bronze medal in a CrossCountry event 2016.

Cross-Country/Couch to 5k/Morning Mile

This is a new sport and initiative introduced in 2016.  As a result of our St Raphaelas Mile in PE, we identified a number of talented Cross Country runners in the school. We now have a group of girls who train once a week and compete in East Leinster Cross Country Events. We believe these numbers will continue to grow over the year and beyond.

We also identified a number of girls who wanted to increase their fitness but were not at the level of our Cross Country runners. We now have a couch to 5k group consisting of staff and students who are completing the challenge.

On a Tuesday morning staff and students who are in school early can complete the Raphaela Mile. On completion they receive a ‘I Raphaela miled it!’ Stamp in their journal. At the end of the year they can count how many miles they have completed. This initiative is growing every week and will really help to improve our schools activity levels.