Education and Learning

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St. Raphaela’s Secondary School follows the Curricular Programmes laid down by the Department of Education and Skills, which may only be amended in accordance with the Education Act 1988 (Sections 9 and 30).

The school offers the traditional Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate programmes, as well as Transition Year.

Our school offers a broad and challenging curriculum. Student’s experience a full range of subjects in first year before choosing options for 2nd year. Science is mandatory for all junior cycle students. Internal examinations are held twice yearly, at Christmas and in June, for 1st, 2nd and 5th years. 3rd and 6th years sit trial examinations in February. 4th year students are assessed by tests, project-work and their end-of-year portfolio.

Students can access useful learning materials by logging into the school’s ICS grid following this link –