Green Schools

St. Raphaela’s Primary School has already achieved the Green Flag standard for environmental compliance and the Secondary School is on its way to achieving the same.

In the past few years our Green Schools Committee has come along greatly. It consists of both teachers ad students who are determined to achieve the same standard as our primary school.P1090986

Our objective is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Before we can set out to accomplish this goal, we need to educate the pupils. This has involved showing them how we can benefit the environment by recycling waste and conserving energy. Once they realise the difference it will make to their lives and the lives of others, the more they will want to contribute towards the bigger picture. We are working towards the following criteria:

  1. Set up a committee
  2. Environmental review
  3. Action plan
  4. Monitoring and evaluation
  5. Curriculum work
  6. Informing and involving
  7. Green codeP1090986

The first initiative we’ve introduced is “The Cleanest Classroom” competition. The students take responsibility by ensuring that their classroom meets the criteria to become green and clean! By each student playing a small but vital role together we can make our school environmentally friendly. A special thanks to Ms. Ryan, Ms. Shine and the other teachers who are helping us achieve our goal. We’ve made a start and we’re committed to following through on our objectives.