School Inspections

We enjoy a positive relationship with the Department of Education and Science Inspectorate and have found participation in both Subject Inspections and Whole School Evaluation to be a worthwhile and fruitful exercise.

The Inspectorate

Our Role 

Since the inspection of publicly funded schools began early in the nineteenth century, the role and function of the Inspectorate has developed over time in line with the many structural changes in the education system.  However, its core tasks – the inspection and evaluation of the quality of schooling, advising on educational policy and supporting teacher and school management- have remained constant to the present day.

Who we are

The Inspectorate is a division within the Department of Education and Science and at present has a complement of 150 primary and post-primary inspectors.  While inspectors are generally recruited to work in either the primary or post-primary sector, the work of the Inspectorate is managed as a unified service.

So far St. Raphaela’s has had the following inspections. We have received excellent comments in all reports so far, especially in the whole school evaluation.

Please feel free to read or download the reports.

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Whole School Inspection 2016 Business 2015 Physical Education 2013 Transition Year 2009 Science and Biology 2011 Maths 2011 Spanish 2010 French 2008 SPHE 2007